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" You Will Not Find A Bigger or Better Choice of New & Used Generators Anywhere With Over 200 Models To Choose From "

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Welcome to Powerland Generators !

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We Supply New and Refurbished Generators Ranging in Size from 1Kva Through to 3000Kva.

Our Services Include:

  • * New Generator Sales.
  • * Used / Refurbished  Generator Sales.
  • * Generator Hire.
  • * Generator Installation.
  • * Generator Servicing.
  • * Generator Maintenance Contracts.
  • * We Will Buy Your Old Generator.
  • * We Will Sell Your Old Generator.

If you're looking for new generators, used generators, or even generator hire, then you're in the right place. With over two hundred models to choose from you won't find a bigger or better choice of generators than Powerland.

Whether you're renting or buying, you're assured of highest quality generators and fantastic warranties too, in fact as well as being extremely competitive on new and used generators, we confident that our warranty policy is far superior to all our competitors, because in the unlikely event of a problem we'll collect and redeliver your generator free of charge.

Powerland's also the best place to buy and sell both new and used generators. We have a huge selection of used generators, from 50 to 3000 kVA, suitable for almost any application. Our new generators start at just 1kVA for leisure and commercial use, up to 2000kVA in our Cummins range of generators.

For generator hire, we can provide rental solutions from 15kVA right up to 2000kVA for short or long term hire, and we'll only supply high quality equipment that's been well serviced and well looked after. With our generator hire we also offer a 24hr backup and we'll handle delivery, installation, cabling, fuel tanks and more, so you don't need to worry about a thing, Powerland takes care of every aspect of generator hire. Whether you're here in the UK or you need to organise generator hire overseas, you'll get a personal service and a competitive quote whatever you need.

With over 500 units available, we've supplied generator hire for everything from large outdoor events and disaster zones to civil engineering and hospitals.

When it comes to new or used generators, generator hire and all aspects of installation, commissioning and decommissioning, Powerland has the power to meet all your generator needs. Powerland Generators are the place to come for your Generator requirements, from New and Used Generators we can offer the most extensive choice including advice and Generator installation services. Contact Us on 01527 854529.

Some Recent Projects Over the Past Year Below:

New 160KvaGenerator Supplied / Commissionedto New Hotel in Birmingham

1100Kva Purchased For Stock From Daily Mirror Group.

Used 250Kva Off to Hotel in Ghana. New 275Kva Generator Supplied And Installed to Utilities Company as Back Up Supply.
800Kva Supply & Installed at Major Frozen Foods Distribution Centre as Back Up. 350Kva Generator Purchased For StockFrom US Army Air Base in Lincoln.
Used 1650Kva Being Loaded Onto Transport Before Leaving to Major data Centre In Kent. 1.5MW Gas Set Bought for Stock from Dublin Hospital.
Used 900Kva Supplied And Installed For Major UK Data Center. Used 200Kva off to Farmer in New Zealand.
350Kva Supplied And Installed to UK's largest Driving Experience Centre As Prime Power. FittingAdditional Silencerto New 650Kva Supplied By Us To Reduce Noise in Residential Area.
350Kva Just off to the UK largest High Street Toy Retailer As Standby. 1000Kva Sold Along With 500Kva Synced Together For UK Company in Cambodia.
Load Testing A New 2500Kva 11Kv Set at Powerland. Hire Set Providing Temporary Power To Site Whilst We Fit Changeover Panel And Install of 910Kva Set.
Used 275Kva Generator Just Off to Data Centre. Used 100KvaSupplied ToWestern Water.
800Kva Leaving for The Yemen. 800Kva Generator Purchased For Stock From Vodaphone.
New 2500Kva Supply & Install Of 11Kv. Including G59 For Mains Syncing. New 300Kva Supply & Install For Sky TV call Centre.

Used 910Kva Supplied And Installedat Chemical Company Including G59 MainsSyncing.

Cummins Engine Supplied to River Thames Barge Operator For Water Pumps.