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  • Renusol Cross rail connector-Powerland

    Powerland Renusol Cross rail connector

    Part No: REN-420083 Mounting - Cruciforms The Renusol Cross-Rail Connector is used is pairs to attach perpendicular lengths of Renusol rail, or rail to TriSole frames.  A pair of Cross-Rail Connector are attached either side of the upper rail.  The upper rail should always be of 50mm x 37mm type because it has a small ridge along a third face to allow a connector to clamp on, whereas the 41 x 35 does not. Use any of the following rail partnos: (Silver) REN-500502, REN-500505 or (black) REN-400502-B, REN-400505-B.  Technical Data: Dimensions: 35x35x65 Weight: 0.066kg Set: complete pre-assembled set Material: Aluminium; Corrosion resistant steel Certification: TUV ID:48970; MCS012 IK0197 Useable with: VS+ mounting rail 50x37; TS+ Maximum Torque: 12,00 Nm Driver: Hexagon socket 5mm Renusol mounting equipment must not be used with mounting equipment from other suppliers. Doing so would inevitably void the warranty of the mounting system.   Supplier Part No: 420083 Weight: 0.07 kg  

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  • Rapid cross connector-Powerland

    Powerland Rapid cross connector

    Part No: SLT-129063-000 Mounting - Cruciforms Rapid cross connector - The convenient way to connect overlapping rails Economically priced, quick and safe. Allows for a cross-rail system for a change in module layout, which also benefits from better cooling due to increased spacing. Clips directly on seamed metal roofs clamps for a portrait mounting rail-system. Fully pre-assembled and connects in 3 simple steps to any Schletter-Klick channel M8 slot. Hook in clamp ensures that rails will not be twisted due to unsymmetrical loads.   All benefits of the Rapid system can now also be leveraged by the cross rail system!    This part replaces 'KlickTop M8 cross connector kit SLT-129004-000’ and because the bearing surface is identical, only the “clamping” method is different, both parts can be used on the same site if needed.     Supplier Part No: 129063-000 Weight: 0.08 kg PV Light: R2+

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