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  • SolarEdge Smart Module, 425W, Bifacial, All Black with Integrated Power Optimizer (S440)

    Powerland SolarEdge Smart Module, 425W, Bifacial, All Black with Integrated Power Optimizer (S440)

    High stock levels available on all panels, please contact us via live chat for up-to-date stock before purchase, as stock levels are subject to change. Alternatively, you can email or call us. Part No: SE-SPV425-R54-4N Panels - Bifacial Rating: 425W Efficiency: 21.8% Width: 1,134mm Height: 1,722mm SPV425-R54PDTL-4N4C50 Smart Module Monocrystalline TOPCon Module With Half-Cut Cell Technology And Integrated Power Optimizer SolarEdge Smart Modules with Integrated S-Series Power Optimizers for maximum energy production: Advanced N-type TOPCon technology, designed to provide greater module efficiency, quality, high power, bifaciality, and long-level reliability. Optimized energy output by constantly tracking the Maximum Power Point (MPPT) of each module individually Fast and easy installation with the pre-assembled Power Optimizer, with simplified cable management Built-in SafeDC™ designed to enable modulelevel voltage shutdown whenever inverter or AC power is turned off, for maximum installer and firefighter safety Sense Connect patented technology – the safety feature designed to automatically detect and prevent potential electric arcs at the connector level* that may cause fire events Module Level Monitoring Platform for full visibility of system performance from roof to grid Integrates seamlessly with the complete SolarEdge Home ecosystem using SolarEdge Home Network High durability to extreme weather hazards, in addition to 1.6mm double glass 25-year module warranty and linear performance warranty   Weight: 21.74 kg Rated Power: 425 W Length: 1,722 mm Width: 1,134 mm Depth: 30 mm VMPP: 32.1 V IMPP: 13.24 A Isc: 13.89 A Voc: 38.73 V Clamp position on panel: Long and short side Connector Type: MC4 Efficiency: 21.8 % Pallet Size: Oversized

    £156.25 Exc. VAT

    £187.50 Inc. VAT

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